Outfit: Old forts and shelters

We took these photos in the area where Bartek works --it's a part of 19th century fortifcation system, currently mostly adapted for some creative companies' offices and a few restaurants and bars. Still, a large part of this place is overgrown with old trees and ivy, and there are spots like this one which haven't been touched for decades. This bunker (most probably a shelter) is towering on a slope above the whole fort and it oversees most of the other buildings. The inside is just a short and narrow arched tunnel, completely empty, save for a couple of old and no longer functioning industrial lamps. Below, a much newer construction is already in a state of decline, slowly being taken apart. A new one will come in its place, perhaps a cafe or another bar. I wonder what will happen to this bunker. Maybe they will adapt it for another office? It's so tiny and a bit secluded, though, so it doesn't even seem like a potentially good investment to repair it. Anyway, whatever will happen to it, I'm sure its general shape will remain the same (the whole area is on the register of historic monuments too, so that helps). It's funny to think how some things just keep on existing while others rise and fall right there, in their presence.

I'm wearing a skirt I made, old flats and purse, blouse, thrifted jacket.

Photos by Bartek.


Outfit: On breaking habits

Is being a creature of habit a human condition? I guess some suffer from it more than others --and I mean some can't stand routines and habits while others go with it with ease. I'm somewhere in between. I like my cozy, safe habits but after a while, I often feel like I'm being suffocated by a huge, soft pillow. Imagine being submerged in a pillow like that. How do you stand up? I haven't figured it out yet.

When it comes to style, I've been craving change. And I've been actively seeking it, too. Check out my hair this year, as an example. I've never in my whole life done as many things to my hair as I did during this year. First, I cut it short in winter, then went even shorter in spring, then colored it whatever I wanted during the summer, and lastly, I gave myself a buzzcut a few days ago. And honestly? All that didn't feel like a lot of change at all. I am so used to myself as a body and person, that no matter what I do with my hair, I still feel like me. And at the same time, while I feel like myself in my body, I don't feel like myself in my clothes. Maybe I can do whatever changes I want to my body, but if I don't change my style, I'm still stuck in that huge, warm, soft constrictor of a pillow. Without style change, I'm last-year-me, two-years-ago-me. The outside weirdly doesn't match the inside.

skirt I made from self drafted pattern, old cardigan (similar), blouse (sold out), flats

I feel like I need to rewire my mind. I keep being drawn to busy prints and bright colors because I'm used to them being the category I've worn over and over again in the past. It's not easy for me to focus on more plain and simple pieces because I tend to automatically dismiss them as uninteresting. Even today's outfit --when I was planning it, it didn't occur to me that I have an abundance of detail: print on the blouse, cable knit on the cardigan and a button placket on the skirt. What if I got rid of all these details and only kept the color mix? Would that be enough, or would I feel that something is lacking? I will have to find out if I can do the detail-less thing in the future...

I'm wearing a skirt I made from self drafted pattern, old cardigan (similar), blouse (sold out), flats.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: In a fairytale

It's been awfully long since I've last been to the mountains! And even more time has passed since I've visited a castle. With the upcoming vacation (finally!) I hope I can make up for all the lost time and be swept off my feet with enchanting views and mysterious locations. We might visit the mountains during our holidays and I will definitely go out of my way to find a castle or a mansion which to explore for hours, peeking into every nook and cranny and imagining stories that had happened within its walls. Heck, I'll even settle for an abandoned house if there are no castles to be found (and really, there aren't that many in Poland anymore, they've all decided to move to UK. I hear the social's better. There, I cracked a joke, I'm in a good mood today). Literally anything to get me out of the city!

(It started to pour as soon as I took the jumper off!)

The way things are at the moment, though, I have to keep on dreaming and imagining that I'm away. Perhaps I should aid myself with reading a fairytale or two to escape the reality of being pretty much locked in and buried under a pile of seemingly neverending wedding dresses. I'm not complaining here! It's just that sometimes I need to replenish my stocks of creativity and nothing gets my creative juices flowing better than something magical, unexplained, mysterious and, well, simply curious. I can lose myself in a story or in a picture --and today I'm losing myself within a skirt that's printed with the most fairytale scene ever. Mountains, forests and castles? Take me there now!

I'm wearing a skirt c/o Rosegal, old heels and purse, found vintage sweater, thrifted blouse, necklace.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: Transitioning

Man, this is no joke! I actually really needed that cardigan and the beret was not an afterthought, not to mention the scarf. How we're getting so quickly from 30+ temps to about half of that is beyond me. I want that moment of transition, the golden days of late summer and early autumn. That's the time I live for, you know? My favorite time in the world. The beautiful contrast of warm days and cool evenings, the smell of air getting ripe with early fallen leaves, the colours, the wind --everything is so different during this time. It's the time of youth, forever.

The things on my mind are multiplying: the sewing work, the photography work, family stuff, the new cat, my recent attempts to develop a running routine (I mean running as in with my legs and all)... But soon, very soon we go away, who knows where (we seriously don't know yet), for the long-awaited vacation. Come September, we're off. As much as I love my work, I don't remember the last time I was so excited for a break and so deeply aware how much I need it!

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I wore a skirt c/o Zaful (sold out, more embroidered skirts), thrifted cardigan and scarf, blouse, sneakers, necklace, old beret and necklace.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: The calm of the city

wooden pillars earrings c/o Peter Love, Shein dress, old bag, thrifted jacket (more denim jackets), flats, old sunnies

Days like this are rare in Warsaw. All the hum of the big city life was gone --people went on their trips during a long weekend and we found ourselves on this empty street surrounded by old buildingss, free to explore the area and notice things that otherwise wouldhave gotten lost in the visual and auditory overload. I seriously love Warsaw at times like these. It feels like the city is takin a deep breath and welcoming you to see it from a new angle.

I felt like wearing this dress for the blog another time as a reflection of the fact that it's been in high rotation this summer -- such a lovely number to style simply with a cardigan like I did last time, or with a denim jacket like today. I have mostly worn it solo, though, especially in these hot summer days, and with it being made from thin and soft cotton, it helped me deal with the heat nicely. I feel like it will be a good transition piece as well. I can see it styled with opaque tights and a short sweater on top, with the collar peeking out. I could also wear it as a shirt and layer it with a skirt! It's a very versatile piece. I feel like I'm seriously getting ready for autumn and can't wait to wear more layered outfits and scarves and jackets... Every year this happens and it's always so exciting!

I'm wearing wooden pillars earrings c/o Peter Love, Shein dress, old bag, thrifted jacket (more denim jackets), flats, old sunnies.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: How to wear a mesh midi skirt and how to sew a simple slip for it

As a rule of a thumb, when I pick my clothes, I stick to fabrics that hold their shape. I love trapeze skirts, I feel great in thicker fabrics like velvet or jacquard and I prefer a shirt to a knit tee. But since I've been exploring other possibilities in the more recent times, I was curious how a more romantic style of a skirt would work for me. When Vipshop contacted me and asked if I wanted to style one of their pieces, I came upon this mesh skirt and decided to try it out. That I decided to pair it with a lightweight knit tee is living on the edge for me! The end result? Not too shabby, if I say so myself. I wasn't feeling as confident when I looked in the mirror but once I saw myself in the photos, I felt like things really clicked.

I like this skirt -- first of all, it's embroidered with pretty yellow flowers and honestly I've never been more happy with a trend than this year, when embroidery took the fashion world by a storm. Gimme all the embroidered pieces! I want them all. Also, the skirt is so elegant with the midi length and as it has gatheres at the waist, it makes me appear a bit more full than I really am but I really couldn't mind that! It apprears so feminine and pretty that I feel like a proper lady wearing it.

When I thought more about it, I was pretty surprised that a skirt like this could appear even more casual than the way I wore it here. Remove the necklace and add a regular crew neck tee (why not go for stripes this time around?) and wear white sneakers with it --that's a simple and cute city look you've got there. Naturally, it would be even easier to dress it up, as it has a lot of elegance to it. Just add a pair of heels and wear it with the shirt that it actually comes with (yep, that's a whole set, together with a belt!) and you get a really ladylike vibe.

This skirt comes with a long shirt which serves as a slip, but when I chose to wear it without it, I was left with see-through mesh that needed a proper lining. I whipped up a slip --that's the simplest thing to do!

How to sew a simple slip for a skirt

  • cut a rectangle of fabric of desired length and width,
  • sew up the shorter sides together
  • turn over both raw edges twice
  • sew along the lower edge, starting and finishing in the same place --that's your hem.
  • for the other edge, start sewing along the folded line and finish a few centimeters before the beginning of your stitching line. You have created a small tube/casing.
  • insert a piece of elastic into the casing and once you thread it through with a safety pin, sew together the ends
  • sew over the opening of the casing.
  • Done!
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I'm wearing a skirt and belt c/o VIPshop, a slip I made, flats, vintage basket bag, old tee, old necklace

I took the photos myself.